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Dato’ Ng Fook Heng

Dato’ Ng Fook Heng

Chairman of MCA Sungai Lembing Branch, Dato’ Ng Fook Heng was a member of Kuantan Municipal Council and a Member of Parliament (Senator). With an MBA Degree in Marketing from the University of Wales (KLC), he was an education officer in 1979 to 2009. Currently, he is the KOJADI Honorary Treasurer and the Board Member of the Malaysia Health Promotion Board apart from being the Committee Member of DPR Korea-Malaysia Friendship Association, Deputy President of Pan-Malaysia Global Taekwondo Federation (PGTF), and President of Pan-Malaysia Global Taekwondo Federation (PGTF) Kuantan District. Other titles he holds include MCA Central Committee Member, Deputy Chairman of MCA English Speaking Bureau, Vice Chairman of MCA State Pahang, and Chairman of MCA Paya Besar Division.

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